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How It Works

All of our services are designed by health professionals for health professionals. Here is how it works:

Domain Exploration


Explore the 8 Domains of Self-Care

Self-Care Goal Planning


Create  Self-Care Goal(s) using the P.P.A method

Reflection & Adjustments


Reflect, Reassess and make necessary Adjustments


According to the Atlantic, 300,000 nurses have quit their job since the pandemic. Every 9 in 10 nurses has considered leaving, and it doesn’t stop there. The rate of mental illness and disease among health professionals has increased exponentially. Do you make up part of these statistics? Take the Self-Assessment  and discover ways to enhance your overall well-being. 

Explore a personalized approach to managing stress and burnout at LyfeWell Health Coaching! 


Patient Name: Health Professional


Chief Complaint (cc)

  • Stressed
  • Anxious
  • Insomnia
  • Depressed
  • Burned Out
  • Frustrated


Chart Lyfe–Holistic Health for Health Professionals-STAT!


Create a healthier work culture and more harmonious work-life balance.

Give Back to Our Heroes

Chart Lyfe, LLC is 100% nurse-operated, and all mental health resources and services are currently done out of pocket. Your giving helps us create a healthier work environment where nurses and health professionals can live a more harmonious work-life balance. We greatly appreciate your donations, and 100% of the proceeds support our cause.



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Our Story

Meet the Founder

Meet Shauntel – your dedicated partner in health and wellness. Fresh out of nursing school in 2014, I was fierce and ready to take on the entire healthcare system. However, just a short while later—I was faced with a major decision that could alter the course of my entire career.


Despite these challenges, my passion for service has led me to explore various facets of healthcare, bringing me to a point where I can now serve my colleagues. As the founder of Chart Lyfe, LLC, I've navigated my healthcare journey for 13 years, with nearly 10 of those years dedicated to being a registered nurse.

Now, as a Mental Health First Aid certified professional for both youth and adults, specializing in burnout coaching and stress reduction, I bring a unique understanding of the demands in our field.

At LyfeWell Health Coaching, our mission is to blend our enthusiasm for service with a passion for education, empowerment, and self-care. We're here to support you on your journey! 

Warm regards,

Shauntel Howard, MSHI, BSN, RN, CHC
Founder, Chart Lyfe, LLC | LyfeWell Health Coaching


Provide health professionals with holistic resources to create a healthier work culture and a more harmonious work-life balance.


Chart Lyfe wants to pave the way to providing healthcare workers better access to quality mental health measures.

Core Values

Holistically serve our peers

Empower through Education

Adapt and Evolve with Change

Lead and End with Love

Transform Lives with Results

Help create a Healthy Work Culture

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